An Illustrated History

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portrait 768 by 1024

Self portrait, watercolors & ink.

I’ve been pretty inattentive, working a lot and not making time for art.  At the moment, I’m playing around with the idea of putting together a visual resume, and this watercolor emerged from that endeavor.


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A Nice Reminder

typewriter watercolor edited

Discovered recently in one of my old sketchbooks, while scrounging up a few illustration samples; the watercolor background was originally a scrap left over from another project, and I remember quickly painting the typewriter with some acrylic paint that I didn’t want to waste.

I thought this spontaneous/improvised little piece might be a nice way to jump back into this blog after a substantial hiatus. Sometimes my obsessive, perfectionist, controlling artistic habits actually get in the way of making things and sharing them with other people, and the joy I got from stumbling across this hastily created watercolor is a good reminder to just go, make, do, share, and delight in doing so.