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Verboort 2012

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Such a glorious weekend! On Saturday, my friends and I attended the 2012 Verboort Sausage Festival (a local event that we anticipate all year) and much fun was had by all! I’m not really a sausage fan, but I still had a great time. With a group like this, it was impossible not to.

It’s a pretty straightforward affair– you buy a dinner ticket, ride a bus to the beer garden and wait for your number to be called, and then return for an all-you-can-eat buffet that benefits a local school. Sorting through the many photos that I took on Saturday reminded me why I love this event so much: It’s a chance to enjoy a bunch of small, silly, easy moments with people I care about. I’m already looking forward to next year.

Steve and me, with a couple of rascals in the background!

It’s only the beginning of the winter holidays! What events/traditions are you most looking forward to? Are there any local, unusual festivities that you and your friends attend every year?


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