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Cat Lady Confessions

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The time has come to make a few very important introductions. As you can see in my “About” section, this is a blog about making things and paying attention… and a good portion of my life involves paying attention to cats. I love ALL the cats, of course, but especially these two:

Gilbert. Mustachioed, six-year-old Tuxedo cat extraordinaire. Enjoys perching, kneading his front paws, and gazing at me mournfully every time I leave the house.

I like eating things I’m not supposed to and then throwing up noisily!

Emily. Four-year-old calico. Fancies herself to be an excellent hunter (of laser pointers and unreachable birds outside). An expert in basking, sunning, and soliciting tummy rubs/meals with ear-splitting, croaking, screeching yowls.

You’ll rub my tummy if you know what’s good for you.

These two certainly up the adorable in my life, are hilarious and endlessly surprising, and bring me a lot of joy. They also drive me crazy, like any self-respecting cats, but that’s part of the deal. You’ve got to clean up some cat barf if you want to enjoy some cat snuggles.

Halloween 2012, a bit more subdued. Halloween 2011, full-on cat lady.

I know you’re digging my (elastic waist, high-water) jeans. DIY, if you can believe it– I know those iron-on cat patches look professionally done. The whole outfit is thrift-store/Dollar Tree, and you can bet that I’ve worn that wooden cat necklace in real life. (Three more things I’d TOTALLY wear: these Charlotte Olympia flats, this scarf, and these rings. See my board on Pinterest for more.)

Stay tuned for more cat-themed posts! Including illustrations, I hope. And feel free to leave me some links in the comments– the internet is an endless treasure trove of cat magic, and I’m sure I haven’t seen it all yet.


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