An Illustrated History

Post-Thanksgiving Thankfulness

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I was fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving in the Bay Area, visiting extended family who I haven’t seen in years, eating and drinking exceptionally well, and basking in this gorgeousness.

The Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay, CA.

Pretty magical, right? Everywhere I turned I found something else to admire. It’s funny– I was surrounded by so much beauty, but I hardly took any pictures. Kind of a disappointing realization, but maybe it’s a good indication that I was fully present, prioritizing the people I was with and enjoying the moments that transpired. Instead of scrambling to document every little thing, I was attentive to the experience as a whole. And the few things I did capture are lovely glimpses that conjure something warmer and encompassing and special.

My cousin Lauren & me; my mom & two of my aunts.

Sun-lit poppies.

Of course, once I returned home I had to face excruciating guilt.

You abandoned me and caused me great anguish.

No one can ever know the depth of my despair.

Thank you to Steve and Andrea for being such gracious caretakers in my absence!


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