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Lost Shoe


Some poor sole (!) lost a shoe in the Pearl over the weekend. Ha. Small tragedy/Monday humor.

Which is not to say that losing one’s shoe downtown isn’t totally unfortunate. May it be reunited with its mate forthwith.


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Oxidized Goodness

I’ve walked over these metal covers many times, and the light today set them off so beautifully. I’m loving the aquas and oranges that have developed.

collageIt’s pretty cool to think that time and the weather (rust and/or oxidation, scientifically speaking?), two things that are uncontrollable and vast and powerful, make such beauty out of small, mundane, man-made items.

12.1 iphone photos from walk 009

I’m also digging the way that text and texture interact in these photos. Doesn’t that pebbled surface on the larger “water meter” plate look inviting for bare fingertips? And the geometric patterns in the two smaller, circular “water” covers are charming.

Seeing this Van Heesch copper bicycle in the Anthropologie catalog this morning may have made me more attentive to the oxidized beauty around me. It’s a bit out of my price range, so I’m hoping that someone who buys it will later post photos of their bike in all of its aged, greened glory…

Some covetable, wearable, and a bit more affordable oxidized goodness :  this cuff, also from Anthropologie; these earrings and this ring, both by Hot Rox Custom Jewelry on Etsy. I’ve also heard that oxidizing metal and making one’s own jewelry isn’t as intimidating as it might sound? Something about using liver of sulfur? I’ll have to do some research and get back to you on that one.