An Illustrated History

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portrait 768 by 1024

Self portrait, watercolors & ink.

I’ve been pretty inattentive, working a lot and not making time for art.  At the moment, I’m playing around with the idea of putting together a visual resume, and this watercolor emerged from that endeavor.


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A Nice Reminder

typewriter watercolor edited

Discovered recently in one of my old sketchbooks, while scrounging up a few illustration samples; the watercolor background was originally a scrap left over from another project, and I remember quickly painting the typewriter with some acrylic paint that I didn’t want to waste.

I thought this spontaneous/improvised little piece might be a nice way to jump back into this blog after a substantial hiatus. Sometimes my obsessive, perfectionist, controlling artistic habits actually get in the way of making things and sharing them with other people, and the joy I got from stumbling across this hastily created watercolor is a good reminder to just go, make, do, share, and delight in doing so.

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Yes To…

(a pop of red, and a tiny plane; self-portrait!; a back-lit leaf; more bare branches)

…enjoying blue skies and luscious light (even if it slows down my usually rigorous walking pace). My neighborhood was so pretty and golden yesterday afternoon. The trees are becoming more and more bare, and I’m getting more creative about layering my work-out gear.

I also spent some time with my sketchbook last night, and came up with this optimistic little spread:

(photo cropped and enhanced with some Instagram magic– love how the paper’s texture becomes so apparent)

(scanned version with crisp lines and truer colors)

When it comes to translating my hand-drawn art into a digital format, I love having options; my scanner provides the most faithful images (that is, if I wrestle my bulging/wrinkly sketchbook into the right position), but I’ve found that I also like taking photos with my iPhone. The photos definitely add some personality, and document my drawings’ tactile qualities. You get more of a sense of the materials– the toothiness of my sketchbook’s pages, the crinkles that occur with collages and wet media– and can see traces of the process of making.

The inspiration for this image came from a model’s pose in a J Crew catalog (Fall 2008!) that I’ve hoarded. The silhouette/cut of the clothes is pulled from that photograph, but the color/design elements are from my own imagination. 🙂


Admiration, Illustrated: Creatures of the Wind

Inspired by this spread in Vogue‘s November 2012 issue, I decided to record my adoration of this Creatures of the Wind ensemble (also pictured here). I did some tinkering around, color-wise, but the idea is there– a full skirt embellished with Swarovski elements, that sleek vest, and those cheeky oxfords…

Can’t you just imagine those shoes with a pair of slouchy, rolled-up jeans and a quirky little sweater like this J Crew treasure? Sigh.